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Breaking Putt

Breaking Putt is all about the line. Oh and the pace too. How many times have you been close to the hole – only to find you’re faced with a killer break? Well with Breaking Putt you have seven holes with breaks, some easier than others. We've developed a game called Crossfire where two people start at either end - and it's a race to see who can complete all seven holes in the right order first. Goes down a storm.

Breaking Putt is the most complex to make as the oak laminates have to be expertly bonded and shaped together. But stick this on your wall and you have one impressive-looking feature

Breaking Putt

SKU: 553266733
  • Please see T&C page

  • Made of solid laminated oak Breaking Putt also comes with a wall hanger so that it can be hung up hopefully on display as we look at our games as peices of beautiful furniture to be on show as well as great fun to play. It can also be branded with your club or company logo for a small additional charge - please email for details.

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