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Doug Wilkie - Co-Founder

Doug is the driving force behind puttup. (Should that be ‘putting’ force?) It’s his designs of the games that have captured the imagination of golfers far and wide. As a keen golfer he loves a competition and coming up with new ways of enjoying golf in different environments - normally with a beer or whisky in hand!



Charles Taylor - Master Craftsman


While we like to see the funny side of life at times, they get deadly serious when it comes to the quality of what they are delivering. To have Charles on board was a major coup.


Charles’ reputation goes before him; and after him, it should be said. Charles established ‘Charles Taylor Woodwork’ in 1985 in Dalkeith, Scotland. Since then he has built a business that is renowned for its dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Amongst his clients are the prestigious V&A Museum in Dundee (where the MacIntosh Tea Room he refurbished takes pride fo place), Queens Gallery at Holyrood House, the National Gallery of Scotland and the National Trust of Scotland. Oh, and of course, puttup.


From fine furniture and bespoke kitchens to architectural joinery and manufacture and conservation work in historic buildings, the scope of ‘Charles Taylor Woodwork’ is vast.

Find out more about 'Charles Taylor Woodwork' and Puttup >

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"Charles got it right away. He knew we weren’t interested in making tacky golf games with green carpet bits."





Puttup HQ - (also known as Ducks)

These games didn’t happen by chance. A lot of dedicated product research went into the development of the games, refining them, getting customer feedback etc. And having the odd beer. All this takes place at the inimitable Ducks – which has fondly become known as puttupHQ.


Malcolm Duck and his wife Fiona have made 'Ducks' one of the most friendly and welcoming hotel, bar restaurants in East Lothian and you’ll find many a golfing party enjoying much revelry in the bar. And actually ‘on’ the bar come to think of it – if you catch the right evening, you’ll find someone attempting to chip a golf ball off the bar and into the bespoke puttup duck, which Doug actually made for Malcolm’s 50th and is based on pace putt. Anyway, we urge you to stay and eat there as it’s a wonderful place. And you never know, you may see Doug and I there, having a ‘meeting’ – if you do, please say hello.


To find out more please visit


"The buzz puttup creates at Ducks is brilliant. Golfers and non-golfers just get stuck in and enjoy the fun."




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