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Pace Putt demo

Doug showing you the ups and downs of Pace Putt

Straight Putt

puttup: shuttup I'm concentrating (0.25)
Young Ricardo, over for the US Kids golf proves puttup is not just for us oldies

So you think Straight Putt is hard? (15 secs)
One of the co-founder's son's on Straight Putt. He's eleven years of age.

Straight Putt at The Open (14 secs)

straight putt demo (2:35)
Doug demonstrating how to play Straight Putt

puttup: Dave 'Trick Show Golf' Edwards welcomes you to puttup (0.55)
Ex PGA European Golf Pro Dave has travelled the world marvelling people with...

Pace Putt

puttup: Dave the American from the Singapore Cricket Club (0.34)
Showing the different levels of difficulty of Pace Putt - er, this one is 'bar...

Andrew Coltart at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (19 secs)
Pace Putt gets the better of Andrew Coltart

Dave the American ()
Dave the American from the Singapore Golf Club putts from the bar and up into...

Pace Putt demo (3:35)
Doug showing you the ups and downs of Pace Putt

puttup: Andrew Coltart attempting early Pace Putt prototype (0.55)
Ex Ryder Cup and PGA European Tour player and Sky Sports Commentator (and all...

Breaking Putt

Breaking Putt demo (2:30)
In the 2nd of our series of demos, Doug shows you how to play Breaking Putt

Crossfire winner at The Open (11 secs)

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Straight Putt

How straight can you putt? Putt along a narrow channel with 3 distances to choose from. Then flip it over and the channel gets narrower. Welcome to the imputtable putt.

£249 / $399

Pace Putt

The perfectly paced putt will tip the precisely balanced chute. Easy on level 1 getting progressively more difficult to level 5

£299 / $499

Breaking Putt

Do you go the direct route or do you use the slope and take the break? We’re talking Augusta greens here.

£549 / $899