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Pace Putt

You know the putt; the one where you are at the bottom of a very steep green. We’ve all been there and had the ball trundle back to us, to the muted amusement of our fellow golfers. Well this is the essence of pace putt – recreating those ‘magic’ moments. You have to weight your putt perfectly so the precisely balanced chute tips gently down.

In testing, there has been a variation in play. Rather than place the ball at the start of the chute, the players somehow ending up chipping from the bar, along the carpet and then up the chute. But that’s another story…

Andrew Coltart, and some fellow called Steve, are the only two people to have mastered the hardest setting
Doug Wilkie, Co-Founder

Pace Putt Video

puttup: Andrew Coltart attempting early Pace Putt prototype

Ex Ryder Cup and PGA European Tour player and Sky Sports Commentator (and all round good chap) at puttupHQ puts an early Pace Putt through it' well paces.


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