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Straight Putt

The straight putt could be said to be one of the most intimidating shots in golf. No breaks to consider, no undulations to worry about. Nothing to blame. Yep, you are on your own here – this is all about you and how straight you can putt. Or not, as the case may be.

Straight Putt is hand crafted from high quality, sustainable oak. It’s made as a laminate for strength and stability – the narrow channel you putt along needs to remain straight a true. A bit like your putting. 

Your putt has to be straight, true and firm to the back of the hole – no wussy puts here.
Doug Wilkie, Co-Founder

Straight Putt Video

So you think Straight Putt is hard?

One of the co-founder's son's on Straight Putt. He's eleven years of age.


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