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5 October 2013

puttup is all about the social aspect of golf; having fun with your golfing friends. 

Pretty much like The Social Golfer network... (TSG) is an online golfing community that was launched way back in 2007. It’s a place where you where you make new golfing friends, establish a handicap, get a handicap certificate, join games & events in yoru area, run golfing societies, join chat forums, share photographs and golfing experiences. TSG gives you the ability to locate over 25,000 golf courses worldwide via its golf club database. You can even compete in the monthly TSG leadboard and win prizes..

There’s a whole heap of offers on the site (including ours) exclusive to TSG members; from getting great deals green fees, accommodation overseas to discounts on all sorts of golfing equipment and gifts.

With over 8,000 members worldwide, if you are into golf then get into

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Straight Putt

How straight can you putt? Putt along a narrow channel with 3 distances to choose from. Then flip it over and the channel gets narrower. Welcome to the imputtable putt.

£249 / $399

Pace Putt

The perfectly paced putt will tip the precisely balanced chute. Easy on level 1 getting progressively more difficult to level 5

£299 / $499

Breaking Putt

Do you go the direct route or do you use the slope and take the break? We’re talking Augusta greens here.

£549 / $899