Congratulations Phil. Thanks everyone.

21 July 2013

Well that was that. Big congratulions to Phil Mickelson for winning the 2013 Open Championship. That putt on the last was fantastic - and funnily enough reminded us of our very own Breaking Putt. But anyway, we'd also like to thank Sodexo for having our games in corporate hospitality. It was a real pleasure to be there and provide a little bit of fun. If you were there and spoke to us we'd like to thank you for your very kind comments about the games. We'd also like to thank Allan Minto at Golf East Lothian who do so much good work for Scotland's Golf Coast. As you've seen this week it is a stunning place to play golf so do come and pay a visit. And on a final note, if you want the games that were featured at The Open for your corporate event we have limited stocks left so get ordering now. Now, it's official beer time.


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Straight Putt

How straight can you putt? Putt along a narrow channel with 3 distances to choose from. Then flip it over and the channel gets narrower. Welcome to the imputtable putt.

£249 / $399

Pace Putt

The perfectly paced putt will tip the precisely balanced chute. Easy on level 1 getting progressively more difficult to level 5

£299 / $499

Breaking Putt

Do you go the direct route or do you use the slope and take the break? We’re talking Augusta greens here.

£549 / $899